Honey Hunting

Honey Hunting:

Honey hunting is one of the exciting adventure tour in Nepal . The indigenous Gurung , Magar & some deprived & poor community are still engaged in this challaging activity for hand to mouth (western language bread & butter ) in Bhujung and Pasgaon . This ancestral job of honey hunting still in practice in many remote villages of Nepal . It offers high tourism potential for the tourism . A large number of travelers are showing their interest in honey hunting process.

This ensure staple source of local revenue generation . Besides Ghalegoan Bhujung and the whole of Annapurna region, Dhading and Jharlang across Ganesh Himal, Arun valley in Makalu and other trekking areas have become Popular for honey hunting. In this moment; Bhujung is only one area offering special package for Honey hunting package for tourist in Nepal.

In other area few tourist are luckly get the chance to observe honey hunting on spot while traveling along the trekking trails. There are myriad be nests found in the inner and outer rings of different trekking areas which if professionally scientifically and technically managed, provides an immense potentiality of promoting honey hunting as an add- on product. One special hemp rope is prepared for climbing over steep and rugged cliffs (it goes up to 100 meters from the bottom point ). They will carry some basket for putting honey and fetch by Bahana , there is no any support for the body when they became disbalance . The whole process of the honey hunting and fetching down without any technical support is quite heart rending . On that time tourist can bet with them and taste the real honey . This is the perfect adventure activity for those who are seeking real and natural adventure activities in Nepal.

This is not only adventure activity tour package; also chance to make documentary. A newly produced documentary named brave Birlal The real honey hunter, depicts the courage of honey hunter manila Gurung. The documentary was exhibited in Pokhara on 15 January 2005 before launch in international market.

Despite the enjoyable parts we need to protect our culture and wildlife natural activities. some of the parts honey hunting process in endangerous process so we need to protect them and use some moden technology which should be used to protect wild life and human activities neither harm for human nor wildlife activities.

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